What is jetski insurance & why do I need it?

You might not have thought about jetski insurance, aka personal watercraft insurance, when you purchased your jetski, but it is a major necessity before you hit the water. Just as you insure your car and boat, you also need insurance for personal watercraft. The insurance policy issued for various watercraft differs in what it covers.

Jet ski Coverage

This type of policy does not cover liability of the operator. It covers more mundane, but necessary, items like towing, wreckage removal and fuel spill indemnification. Some jet ski policies apply depreciation using a set schedule. If an accident occurs, the amount of damage covered depends on the depreciation value. The policy may not cover the replacement cost of the jet ski. It may only cover the depreciated value. Read the policy carefully and inquire about depreciation. You may want to purchase a separate, replacement value policy that provides for a replacement watercraft if the incumbent becomes damaged.

Operation Area

It also may limit the operation area of the jet ski. If one operates the watercraft outside the given area, coverage is not maintained. Typically, a policy allows operation within inland waterways, lakes, rivers, and within a specified number of miles of the ocean shore. If your kids decide to try stunts in the swimming pool, the pool is not among the covered areas, so jetski insurance would not pay damages.


Review your home owner’s and auto insurance policies with your agent. The liability coverage of one of these may apply to the jet ski operation. If not, you can obtain separate liability insurance for it.

In Denver, CO, AFI Insurance can help you understand watercraft insurance and help you properly insure your jet ski for many years of enjoyment. It may take more than one policy to provide the appropriate coverage to give you peace of mind. In Denver, CO, AFI Insurance provides knowledgeable agents and a variety of coverage options to help you.

In Denver CO, What Type of Coverage Do You Need For Your Motorcycle?

If you are a Denver, CO resident and own a motorcycle, you must have insurance coverage that meets the standards and minimum requirements for the state. The agents at AFI Insurance can answer your questions and review your existing policy to make sure you have the type of coverage you need to protect you from financial hardship if you are involved in an accident.

Every state, including Colorado, requires motorcyclists to carry a specific amount of liability coverage to cover the cost of damages and personal injuries. You have the choice of only carrying enough insurance to meet the state’s minimum standards, or you can choose to purchase additional types of coverage.

Optional coverages can include any of the following:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Comprehensive or full coverage
  • Collision
  • Additional medical coverage
  • Towing, labor and other miscellaneous

Your insurance agent will be able to determine what types of policies are in your best interest and from there, can build you a policy that can best protect your financial interests. You can choose to purchase all or a few of the optional coverages, as long as you continue to carry the state’s minimum liability requirements. It’s extremely important to carry your proof of financial responsibility documents on you at all times.

The agents of AFI Insurance encourage you to call or visit their office if you live in Denver, CO or any of the surrounding areas and are searching for a specific type of motorcycle insurance policy. Each agent has the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions and match you up with the right policy to meet your individualized needs.

Why Theft Coverage is Important for Boats Housed Away from Residence

There’s nothing more exhilarating than having your hair being blown back by the wind while navigating through the waters in a boat. Denver, CO has no bigger recreational activity than boating, but owners can feel a bit overwhelm when it comes to buying the right insurance to protect their vessel.

Unfortunately, thousands of boats are stolen or broken into each summer, and it’s especially important to have theft coverage when your boat is housed away from home. Insurance won’t prevent a boat from being stolen, but it can help recover the monetary loss much faster.

The biggest misconception is that a person’s homeowners insurance will cover a boat, and it does if the boat doesn’t have an engine. Think of a sailboat or rowboat, but a $20,000 luxury liner doesn’t fall under this category.

Why? Well, much like an automobile, a boat of this nature is mobile and can travel anywhere, so it will need a separate insurance policy.

Is My Boat Covered for Theft

A standard boat insurance policy will provide limited coverage if your boat has been vandalized, but no coverage for stolen items. To cover your assets, you will need to add an umbrella clause to the policy. The wording states of the risk value taken for having expensive items such as a sound system, large screen television and deep sea fishing equipment being kept on board.

Inventory Your Items

It’s important to keep a detailed inventory record of what is exactly housed on your boat. Take photos or an extended video of the interior and exterior of the boat, and keep them in a safe and secure place. Also, engrave a personal identification code onto all personal items stored on the boat. This will help the local authorities in returning the stolen items back to you. Plus, it may discourage thieves from taking them in the first place.

As you can see, they’re plenty of options to consider when shopping for the right boat insurance policy. At AFI Insurance, we work with clients of Denver, CO to find the best coverage for their boat. To speak with a reputable agent at AFI Insurance, contact us at 866-433-2878.

I’m Renting An RV — Do I Need RV Insurance Coverage?

Taking a vacation in a "house on wheels" is a great way to travel in comfort while seeing the country. While you already have automobile insurance coverage, if you’re planning to rent a motorhome for your next road trip, it’s a good idea to weigh your insurance options before you hit the highway.

It is possible that your existing auto or homeowners insurance policy may offer some coverage, but purchasing additional temporary RV insurance will ensure you are covered for any situation that arises. Ask your AFI Insurance agent what coverage your auto or Denver, CO homeowners insurance may offer.  

What Your Auto Policy May Cover

Your automobile insurance policy may offer some coverage for driving-related accidents while operating your rental motorhome. According to the Family Motor Coach Association, auto insurance covers driving-related accidents such as causing damage to property while backing into a campsite or rear-ending another vehicle. Some auto insurance policies will extend the same coverage you have on your car to your four-wheeled rental RV, such as liability, collision and comprehensive coverage.

Why You Might Need Supplemental Recreational Vehicle Rental Insurance

Driving an RV is a lot more difficult and complex than driving a car. A motorhome is much larger, more difficult to navigate, and trickier to park. Additionally, many Denver, CO rental RV drivers are getting behind the wheel of a big rig for the first time, which increases the likelihood that you might dent another RV, sideswipe a pole, and more.

There’s also the cost factor. Even a minor accident in an RV may result in much higher expenses for damage than a minor fender bender in your family SUV. Because of that, your personal auto policy limits may not fully cover motorhome repairs. Purchasing a temporary RV rental insurance policy can bridge that gap, and can offer higher limits than your auto policy. In addition, a supplemental policy can help cover other costs your auto or homeowner insurance policies likely won’t cover, like reimbursement for expenses such as a hotel or rental car, in the event that your rental motorhome breaks down during a trip.

Before you rent an RV, read your auto and homeowners policies and then call our friendly insurance experts at AFI Insurance. We can detail what coverage might already be available through your existing policies and determine if purchasing temporary insurance coverage is the best option for you.


Can I Borrow Against My Life Insurance Policy in Denver, CO?

Life insurance is an important part of your family’s financial plan in Denver, CO. It provides protection for your spouse and children in the event of your untimely death. Sufficient coverage gives you the peace of mind that if something should happen, your family will be able to survive with the loss of your income. Yet, only half of young families have the protection of life insurance a study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners found.  Further, those who did have insurance were underinsured.  AFI Insurance can help you with the coverage you need.

Term and whole life are two types of life insurance available. Term life insurance covers an individual for a specific period of time.  It does not accrue cash value. It can be renewed but the premiums may increase over time.  Whole life insurance policies cover the individual for the length of their lifetime. As long as the premiums are maintained, the policy will protect the family and grow in cash value. While premiums are higher for whole life policies, when they reach the level that they cover the death benefit, they will be invested and begin building value. You can borrow against this amount if you need to. You will have to pay back this policy loan with interest.  However, in many cases, the interest rate will be lower than a bank or credit card. The policy loan can be used for anything that you would like from bills to vacations.

The team at AFI Insurance serves the Denver, CO area. They can help you get the protection you and your family needs.  Visit their website for information to get started. Then give them a call or visit their offices today.

The Building Blocks of a Good Commercial Insurance Policy

A commercial insurance policy is difficult for many owners to swallow. It may seem as though the expenses of keeping a business running never end, so it’s hard to justify getting extensive coverage that may eat into other important matters. But AFI Insurance wants the entrepreneurs of Denver, CO to succeed, and skimping on a policy won’t help. See how to start building your commercial insurance policy the right way. 

Answer Some Key Questions 

The best way to decide on a policy is to listing out what’s most important to your business. For example, if you do your selling online, you won’t need to worry about customer injury coverage inside your establishment. However, you may have to worry about the repercussions of a customer being hurt by a faulty product you sold to them. The most common commercial insurance elements include (at a bare minimum) protection of income after a weather event, protection of property from weather or criminals, and employee protection from injuries. Most businesses need to go further to include specific risks that may pertain solely to your industry. 

Taking It a Step Further

When business owners prepare for the worst, they find themselves less stressed when something does happen. Once you’ve thought of all the ways that your business can be threatened, you can decide which ones are likely (e.g., your computer systems might be hacked) and which ones aren’t (e.g., a hurricane destroys most of Denver, CO.) If you have more questions, AFI Insurance can help you put together the best commercial policy for your business. We’re here to find out more about what you do before our recommendations. Give us a call if you’re looking for advice, or just want to get a sense of how we do business!

Things You Should Always Keep in Your Trunk in Denver

No matter how little or how much you drive in Denver, CO, you can never really anticipate when an emergency will occur, especially during the winter months. For that reason, it is a good idea to have a few necessary items stored away in your trunk – just in case.  

Jumper Cables

A dead battery late at night, in the middle of nowhere, or even in your driveway is cause for concern.  Never be left stranded again by keeping jumper cables in your trunk.  This way, you can always help someone else in an emergency, too.

First Aid Kit

For minor cuts and scrapes, a first aid kit should be readily available in the trunk of your car.  If there is an injury, you need to attend to before the paramedics arrive, a first aid kit just might save someone’s life, including yours.  

Kitty Litter

Stuck in the snow in Denver, CO? Grab some kitty litter from the trunk and throw it on the ground to gain some traction. It works just as good as sand but has a bonus – it also keeps your trunk smelling fresh!

A Spare Tire

Getting a flat tire happens and you never expect it.  Even if your tire is brand new, you could still run over a nail and before long, you tire is flat or even blown out. Be prepared with a jack and a spare so you can change your tire yourself or call roadside assistance to help you.  Along with the spare tire, keep a florescent vest handy in case you have to change the tire at night. This way other motorists can easily spot you on the side of the road.  

Thinking ahead and putting these and other safety items in your trunk will keep you safe in the event there is an emergency.  At AFI Insurance, we work with clients to find the best auto insurance policy for their vehicle – many of which offer roadside assistance. To speak with a reputable insurance agent at AFI Insurance, contact us at 866-433-2888.   


Home Insurance Brings Relief

Whether it’s a snowstorm or an accident that happens on your property, there are times when you can feel like you have relief in the midst of a crisis. This is when you’ve met with your insurance agent and they tell you that everything is going to be OK. At AFI Insurance our agents can do some amazing work for you by finding the best insurance for your property with the coverage you need. Let us bring you that peace of mind even when nothing is going wrong.

Proudly serving the Denver, CO area, AFI Insurance offers information to help you become the kind of home owner you envision yourself becoming. If it’s as important as making your property more safe and secure, we can guide some of your decisions concerning safety features that work dependably. We know a great deal about accident prevention, and we are always happy to educate our customers. Visit us and discuss your coverage and other concerns.

Perhaps you have taken on a home improvement project to turn a spare room into a game room. With an investment like that, you want to be assured of sufficient home insurance coverage to protect your efforts. Working with our agents, you can find the best insurance rates available in the Denver, CO region for the coverage you need on your latest floor plan.

Home ownership can be fun when you have the opportunity to plan and build something new. It might seem less fun if you need to determine where electrical outlets should be placed. Good maintenance and reliable insurance coverage help the fun times be even better. Knowing you have all your bases covered lets you relax and enjoy your home. Let us help you achieve that. Contact us today.


What to Look For When Selecting a Home Insurance Agent

There are many benefits to selecting the right home insurance agent for your home insurance needs. The right agent can ensure that your home and valuables are fully protected, that you are not paying more than you should for coverage and be there to help when you have to file a claim. But you may find yourself wondering what to look for when selecting an agent to help you find the right one for you. Here are a few factors to pay close attention to.

The Experience of the Agent

One of the key factors to consider when selecting a home insurance agent is how much experience the agent has. An experienced agent can guide you to the right coverage amounts and insurance companies.

How Easy the Agent is to Reach When Calling

Another factor to consider when selecting a home insurance agent is how easy the agent was to talk to when you called. If you had to leave message after message and wait days to get a phone call back, you may find yourself in the same situation if you need to file a claim. You want a responsive agent.

What Insurance Companies the Agent Works With

Lastly, consider what insurance companies the agent works with when selecting one. Some work with multiple companies, while other agents work only with one company. An agent that works with multiple insurance companies can help you find the best policy among a variety of carriers.

Are you looking to start a new home insurance policy? Or are you looking for a new agent to work with? Then contact AFI Insurance, serving the greater Denver, CO area. Our agents are friendly, warm and knowledgeable. Contact us now to find out how we can help you get the right policy for you.

What is A High Risk Driver?

Auto insurance can be confusing, but for those in the Denver, CO area, the agents with AFI Insurance can help make understanding a bit easier. One term that we often hear that might still be a bit foggy is a high-risk driver. So what is a high-risk driver?

In layman’s terms, a high-risk driver is anyone that is likely to be in an accident and therefore likely to cause a claim and to cost the insurance company money. This means someone that has a poor driving record, and that has had multiple claims and accidents, even those that have been unreported. Another high-risk factor is being under the age of 25. This is because younger drivers have less experience and are therefore more likely in the eyes of the insurance agency to get into an accident.

Being a male is also a high-risk factor because studies have shown that more males are involved in accidents than females. Another high-risk factor is being over a certain age as well. Older drivers have a harder time seeing other drivers, being able to follow traffic rules and more. No matter what your high-risk factor is, there are ways that you can counter these premium rises. Having a driver over the age of 50 can help to reduce premiums, being married can help, having a job, having a house, and having a reason to avoid accidents essentially can help reduce premiums.

Your agent can also look for discounts that you may be eligible for to help reduce and counter your high-risk drivers. If you live in the Denver, CO are, the agents with AFI Insurance can help you figure out what policy is going to work best for you and which are not.